Black Tea

Black tea is a wonderfully fragrant and bold tasting tea. Harvested from the Camellia Sinensis plant (tea tree), what makes  this tea “black” is the length of oxidation. Tea leaves are completely fermented during the process, which in turn gives a dark liquor to the tea when brewed. Each black tea may have a different process and style to go with the flavour, so no tea is alike!

Contrary to popular belief, black teas do not have more caffeine than other teas; they all have the same amount of caffeine because they come from the same plant. Caffeine content of brewed tea will differ based on temperature and steep time, so please don’t skip out on trying black tea because of this misconception!

Black tea is usually brewed in 90˚C water. Brewing time depends on the blend of tea itself and personal preference!

Bon Tea Place offers a wide selection of popular, traditional, and flavoured black teas, including Earl Grey, Breakfast Teas, Celyon, Assam, and Darjeeling, as well as premium black teas, such as Golden Monkey and Kemmun Tea. We also have an exceptional collection of organic black teas.

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