Ginger Tea

On a cold, wintry day, there is nothing like a steaming aroma-filled cup of ginger tea to warm you up and awaken your senses. Prized for its herbal remedy properties and for adding flavour to dishes, this ordinary looking brown root has been used for ages in many cultures, especially in India and China. The use of ginger later spread to East Africa and the Caribbean.

Ginger tea has been used as an immune booster and remedy against flu, colds, and nausea for centuries. According to traditional Chinese medicine, its powerful yang energy is what warms the lungs and stomach, making it an excellent tea to promote healthy digestion. Ginger root tea has been used in China for 2,500 years to treat sore throat, nasal congestion, and sinus pain. If you should sink your teeth into a fresh piece of ginger root, you will feel the sun’s fire coursing through you, as some anonymous person so eloquently said.

Whether you are shopping for dried ginger or an infusion of tasty ginger teas, Bon Tea Place has just what you’re looking for!

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