Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea, also known as pu’er, has been manufactured and enjoyed in China for millennia. Traditionally produced in the Yunnan province of China, this black, fermented tea has a rich, earthy, and sometimes smokey aroma with a bold flavour.

Originally designed for ease of transport, pu-erh tea was often pressed into different forms such as bricks and cakes. These pressed wonders were carried over the Himalayas on foot, carted to Russia on camels, and hauled into Mongolia on ponies.

In recent years, pu-erh tea has begun having a resurgence in popularity. In China, some exceptionally rare pu’er recently sold at auction for tens of thousands of dollars per cake. This tea is now prized by tea connoisseurs around the world for its uniquely exquisite taste, as well as its many health benefits.

At Bon Tea Place, we offer a selection of fine loose and pressed pu-erh tea. Please contact us if you are looking for pu’er tea bricks or cakes as these can also be special ordered.

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