White Tea

White tea is a fine tea appreciated by the most discerning of tea connoisseurs. Its blend of subtlety, complexity, sweetness, and delicacy is what makes this tea so desired.

White tea is considered by some to be the purest in the world. Spring buds are plucked, dried and sorted. There is no pan firing or steaming and no fermentation – just pure tea. Traditionally, this tea is grown on small freehold plots, with some growers producing only a few hundred pounds per year.

The trusted relationships we have at Bon Tea Place with our growers and finished leaf manufacturers ensures that we’re able to secure quantities of even the rarest white teas, often before they reach auction, which in return helps to keep profits in the pockets of local growers.

White tea is very high in polyphenols and antioxidants and can be enjoyed any time of day. Our premium, naturally flavoured white teas makes an exceptional addition to your tea collection, while our flavoured varieties allow you to enjoy all the goodness, and something a little different, all week long.